Discounted Work Related Footwear!

Trades Purchase Program


At Joe King’s we offer employers a 20% MSRP discount towards employee purchases that meet specific footwear needs (safety toe, slip resistant, etc). Typically we partner with a company and offer a 20% MSRP discount to employees for work related purchases (shoes, boots, workwear), the company covers the remaining 80% of the cost. Some companies choose to assist all employees, while others use the program more as an incentive for their top workers! 

In the past, what we have done is work with each company to find what works best on their end and tailor each program to be slightly different. We can limit what purchases employees make (safety toe, non-slip, etc.), how much credit a business will contribute, or even limit brands that can be purchased. For example, we partner with the City of Concord and provide their employees with an annual 20% off credit, and the city covers the remaining costs, up to a cap of $250.

We work together to give each qualifying employee a P.O. number that can be tracked and assigned to the individual employee. That employee can then use that number in store and receive credit towards their work-related purchase.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please give us a call at 

(603) 225-6012 or email for more information.